All About Greens Guide to Cooking Seasonally 

When is broccoli in season? Or cherries? Many of us find it challenging to answer these questions. The ubiquity of common fruits and vegetables at the supermarket gives the impression that they are always in season. However, the truth is that growing peaches in winter is not natural, and if you find them at the supermarket, they likely came from elsewhere in the world. This realisation is driving more and more people to reconnect with nature by focusing on seasonal and local fruits and vegetables, and for All About Greens, this philosophy is not just a lifestyle—it's the heart of our culinary approach. 

Fresh is Best - All About Greens Mantra

At All About Greens, we understand that the number one reason to follow the seasons in the kitchen is to ensure our dishes taste exceptional. Our commitment to "Fresh is best!" goes beyond a mantra—it's a culinary philosophy. Seasonal produce, carefully selected and prepared, is the cornerstone of our recipes. We believe in harnessing the optimal flavours and nutritional value that nature intended for each ingredient.

Budget Friendly - All About Greens Thrifty Tips

Have you ever noticed the considerable variation in the prices of the same vegetables from one month to another? By aligning your grocery shopping with the seasons, not only do you save money, but you also contribute to a more sustainable and efficient food system. We have curated delicious recipes that celebrate seasonal ingredients without compromising your wallet.

Know Your Food's Origins - All About Greens Transparency

At All About Greens, we believe in transparency and traceability. That's why we source our seasonal produce from local farmers, farm shops, and green grocers where possible. Our commitment to knowing where our food comes from extends beyond just quality—it's about fostering a connection with the origins of each ingredient. 

Supporting Local Farmers and Economy - All About Greens Community Focus

All About Greens understands that spending your money on seasonal produce from local farmers is an investment in more than just your culinary experience. It's a commitment to supporting the local food infrastructure, ensuring the longevity of produce, and helping local farmers thrive. Our community focused approach extends from our kitchen to the diverse tapestry of local economies.

Diverse Delights - All About Greens Culinary Exploration

All About Greens believes that eating seasonally isn't just about sustainability; it's about adding variety to your diet. We are dedicated to creating dishes that break the monotony of relying on the same set of vegetables throughout the year. By following the natural ebb and flow of the seasons, our recipes encourage you to explore new flavours and textures, making every meal an exciting culinary adventure.

All About Greens Brand New Seasonal Fruit & Vegetable Calendar

But how do you know what is in season and when? This is a common question, and at All About Greens, we're excited to introduce our brand new Seasonal Fruit & Vegetable Calendar, a custom-designed desktop A5 calendar that takes you month by month through the delightful array of fruits and vegetables to enjoy. 

Each month features custom designed British seasonal fruit and vegetable illustrations based on the month, there's also a handy QR code on every page which takes you across to a digital bonus video and recipe.

It's a dateless calendar so you can enjoy it every year again and again. The beauty of it is that it is that it will never go out of date.

This calendar is perfect for anybody trying to eat a bit more sustainably, look for ingredient inspiration or eat more healthily. It also makes a brilliant gift for gardeners, plant based diet followers, or food lovers.

Each page has its own unique design and graphics.


A5 Desktop Calendar showing fruit and vegetables grown in the UK.
14 pages.
Front Cover printed on sturdy matt laminate 350gsm paper.
Inside pages printed on uncoated high quality 250gsm paper.
Spiral white wire binding.
QR code on each page directed to a digital calendar page with 12 bonus recipes and videos to correspond.

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