All About...Waffles

waffles Aug 24, 2023

Waffles seem to feature on every menu at the minute and are a much loved breakfast classic, which have recently had a renaissance particularly on the ‘Street Food’ scene. As a foodie I was curious to learn more about the humble waffle, what were it’s origins, the perfect texture, and how to create the ultimate waffle.

All about …Waffles’ History

It all started with ancient civilisations experimenting with flat cakes cooked between metal plates over open flames. While the early Greeks dabbled in this form of culinary creativity, it was during the Middle Ages in Europe that waffles truly found their stride. These were simpler times, and the waffles of then weren't the intricate creations we adore today. The irons they used bore basic patterns, and as the centuries rolled on, those patterns evolved into the iconic grid we all recognise.

Belgium also played a pivotal role in waffle history. It's here that the Brussels waffle emerged, a light and airy delicacy that made its mark on the world of waffle aficionados. Not to be outdone, the Liège waffle, dense and sweet, captured the hearts of those with a fondness for all things decadent. Waffles became a fixture in religious festivities and special moments, transcending their humble origins.

All about …Waffles’ Texture

The waffle experience starts with the outer layer crispiness. Achieved by preheating the waffle iron, this golden-brown crunch sets the stage for what's to come.  Of course different waffle irons require different cooking times, batter mixes can also affect the cooking times too.

With each bite, the waffle reveals its soft and fluffy inside. This pillowy interior complements the crispiness, creating a perfect balance for your taste buds.  The hallmark of a perfect waffle is it's uniformity. From the centre to the edges, the texture remains consistent.

Patterns and flavour pockets are also the hallmark of a great waffle. The grid pattern isn't merely ornamental these ridges carefully hold toppings, allowing you to savour a whole variety of combinations as you eat.


All about…Making Waffles.

Why not have a go of making our waffle recipe, we cannot decide between sweet or savoury so let us know what you think!


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