4 Reasons You Should Take The Plant-based Plunge for World Vegan Month

Saturday was World Food Day, and with World Vegan Month also fast approaching, we thought we’d give you 4 reasons you need to join team plant-based. World Vegan Month celebrates how far the movement has come and shows others how easily attainable following a vegan diet is! Here at All About Greens, we are all about showing you how easy it is to switch up your diet to enjoy a plant based lifestyle. There are plenty of reasons to cut meat and dairy from your life, but you’re not motivated enough to do it, right? We’re also guessing you think it’s too expensive, time consuming or that it tastes bland? Look no further, here’s why you need to ditch the animal products...


  1. It Tastes Amazing 

First things first, we have to clear up a common myth - vegans don’t just eat vegetables. 

There are plenty of non-vegan brands that now produce vegan versions of their products, and a lot of them are pretty close to the real deal. Take Richmond sausages for example: meat eaters can’t tell the difference... There are also mass amounts of plant-based burgers out there that are just as tasty as beef burgers (we did a burger review to help you choose the right one for you). 

But if you prefer going for the non-processed options, it’s easier than you think to make your meals taste amazing. All you need is fresh ingredients and the right seasoning! We have plenty of recipes to help you start off your plant based journey, whether you want super simple meals or restaurant-worthy dishes. 

Going plant based is a journey, and you’ll come to find that your taste buds evolve over time. Many people say that their sense of taste heightened after cutting out meat and dairy. 


  1. It’s Good For You 

There’s no hiding that a plant based lifestyle hosts a whole load of fantastic health benefits! By making the switch and following a balanced vegan diet, you’ll come to find you have so much more energy because of all the minerals and vitamins your body is taking in. Your hair, skin and nails become healthier, and you might also lose a bit of weight unintentionally! The lifestyle is also great for maintaining a healthy heart, it helps to lower blood pressure and improves cholesterol too. But it doesn’t stop here - throughout your journey you’ll come to find the list of health benefits just keep rolling in…


  1. It’s Good For The Animals 

If animal cruelty is a huge no-no for you, then switching up your diet to a plant based one makes total sense! “Me personally eating meat doesn’t contribute to animal cruelty”, I hear you say. By not purchasing or eating meat, you help to reduce the demand for meat based products. This in turn requires less animals to be bred just to be killed or harmed. Let's stop harming the animals, whilst we focus on eating healthy and nutritious meals all made by plants! 



  1. It’s Good For The Planet 

There are many reasons why plant based diets are good for the environment, too many to fit into this article, in fact! But here’s an example: people eat cows and those cows need to be fed throughout their life to build up enough energy to provide meat that can be eaten. If we cut out the middleman here (the cows) and just eat what they eat (plants), we won’t need as much land. It makes much more sense to just grow plants on this land instead of ‘growing the meat’. 

“But how does this reduce emissions?” We’re glad you asked! Cutting out the middleman of the whole process reduces emissions overall because the cow doesn’t need to be tended to. Not to mention that the whole process of slaughtering the animals, transporting them and keeping the meat fresh requires an entire factory operation which obviously puts a huge strain on the atmosphere in terms of emissions. 


We understand how difficult it can be to change the way you cook, how the idea of switching your diet around seems a bit scary and how difficult it can be to fit cooking a delicious nutritious plant based diet around a busy life. We’ve been there, and so we created All About Greens to show you how easy and delicious a plant based diet really is!

With World Vegan Month taking place next month, we encourage as many people as possible to take part! That’s why we’ve created the All About Greens 21 Day Challenge, for just £21 (£1 per day!) you'll receive: step-by-step content, meal plans, shopping lists, 30+ recipes for all three meals of the day, 7 Simple Suppers Bonus Recipe Guide, access to our 21 Day Challenge Facebook Group and a bonus Ebook on food & nutrition. You can sign up through our website here.

We hope this has convinced you why you should just go for it when it comes to becoming vegan! A plant based life is a happy life, take it from us. 

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