Kickstart your Health with our 21-Day Plant-Based Challenge!

 After a festive period of indulgence, January is a month where we often shift our focus to health and fitness along with pin pointing any bad habits that we wish to give up.  I know personally, I like to dial down my sugar intake a little!

As the Veganuary movement approaches its 10th year, over 700,000 participants joined up in 2023, even bigger numbers are expected in 2024.

Interestingly, Veganuary is becoming synonymous with a January health kick.  A way of introducing more veggie based dishes into your life and of course it’s not only the benefit of being a healthful way to eat but is often lighter on the wallet too when the indulgence has spread not just from overeating but to over spending as well.

All About Greens, having supported the Veganuary charity in the past, found a lot of the participants were ‘vegan curious’ wanting to learn how to cook tasty, filling and nutritious dishes without traditional ingredients and of course this is where we came in.

We decided to create an online course , 'The 21 Day Plant Based Challenge’ to help those who wanted to dip their toe in the water and navigate the journey gently and in their own way.  We were able to answer common questions and myths about a plant based lifestyle but most importantly we just wanted to show how classic recognisable dishes can be created with a plant based twist.  Quick and simple recipes that are easy to make.


Boost Your Health: Supercharge your health and reinforce your immune system with nutrient-rich plant-based foods.

Protein-Packed Living: Learn where to source protein in a vegan diet and dispel myths about protein deficiency.

Delicious Vegan Cooking: Master the art of cooking mouthwatering vegan meals to delight your friends and family.

Weight Loss Journey: Explore the potential for weight loss through a balanced and satisfying vegan diet.

Budget-Friendly Choices: Trim your weekly shopping bill with cost-effective and sustainable vegan choices.

Contribute to the Planet: Make a positive impact on climate change by adopting a plant-based lifestyle.

Here’s a little taster of what our 21 Day Plant Based Challenges covers:-

Exploring the Vegan Food Pyramid with All About Greens

Our journey begins by delving into the vegan food pyramid, unravelling the vast array of plant based foods available to us and the nutrients they provide. From nutrient dense vegetables and fruits to protein packed legumes and grains, discover the building blocks of a well rounded plant-based diet.


Mastering Meal Planning with All About Greens

Meal planning is a crucial aspect of any dietary shift. Throughout the challenge, we guide you in creating delicious and nutritious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. We say goodbye to the misconception that plant based meals lack variety – we prove that the possibilities are endless.

Navigating the Flexitarian Diet with All About Greens

We understand that not everyone in your household might be ready to fully embrace a plant based lifestyle. That's why we explore the flexitarian diet, offering tips on how to include your family while respecting their personal eating habits.

Unveiling Meat Replacers and Processed Foods with All About Greens

Wondering about meat replacers and processed foods in the plant based realm? We've got this covered. We show you how to incorporate these alternatives into your meals for a satisfying and familiar culinary experience.

Snacks & Hacks with All About Greens

Snacking is an integral part of daily life, and going plant based doesn't mean giving up on tasty treats. We show you a plethora of plant based snacks and kitchen hacks to keep you fuelled and satisfied throughout the day.

Sunday Lunch, Cake Baking, and Three-Course Meals with All About Greens

We demonstrate how to cook a plant-based Sunday lunch that rivals any traditional feast as well as delving into the art of baking cakes without eggs and guide you through crafting a delectable three course plant based meal for any special occasion.

Health Kick Started!

By the end of the 21 Day Plant Based challenge, you'll emerge with a much clearer understanding of a plant based diet and the confidence to integrate this style of cooking into your everyday life.  Stuck for time? The beauty with it being an online course is that you can go at your own pace.

Why not join us here at All About Greens this January, and let's make 2024 the year of delicious and nutritious transformations. Get ready to savour the flavours of plant based food and discover a who new culinary world.

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