A little bit about us, who we are, what we are doing and why we are doing it...


Lisa Hinze


A serial foodie, who loves nothing better than to talk about food, read about food and think about food all day long.  Having started on my personal plant based journey around 2016 I discovered a whole new world of cuisine that I had not explored before and I was hooked.

Having been a director of a catering business previously it was great to bring this knowledge into our menus.

I started cooking from the tender age of 10 years old with my trusted Bero Baking book and my mission is to work with people of all ages and demographics to show them how easy it is to cook tasty nutritious meals fully plant based. 

Rupert Frazer Worden


Classically trained chef….. turned vegan!!

It's been an interesting journey, from training at Leith’s School of Food and Wine, cooking in Michelin starred restaurants and being a Director of two fabulous food businesses, Rupert is now “fully vegan.”

Going from cooking and preparing all kinds of meats, fish, shellfish and game, to working with just plant based products has been super exciting. It’s reignited my passion for food and cookery. It challenges me to be more creative and bring our food up to a level that stands alongside non-vegan dining.

Jan Cron


Jan has been a trusted part of our freelance culinary team for many years. He was trained in the Michelin star Alcron in Prague and after moving to the UK he worked in several Rosette awarded restaurants. This background, combined with his drive and dedication for bringing fine dining to all, has equipped Jan for his current role as a consultant chef. With a deep understanding of nutrition and using only the best quality, locally sourced and organic ingredients where possible, Jan is passionate not just about the food being delicious, but good for you too.

Buddy Bear


Buddy, born in 2010, has a life time of experience in tasting a wide variety of delicious treats! He is always on hand to hoover up any stray ingredients in the kitchen and is normally more than happy to give his opinion on the latest baked vegetable, butter bean dip, or banana bread!

Now “fully vegan” Buddy has developed a penchant for broccoli and other brassicas!


As you get to know us you will realise we have both come at this from very different approaches.
The seed was planted back in our outside catering days. As we encountered more and more dietary requirements we were forced to be more creative than the usual stuffed pepper or risotto served up to veggies, vegans and gluten free guests, it needed to become more than just ticking a box.

Then Lisa's son announced he was vegan and that was "challenge accepted" our home become progressively more and more plant based. Within a year or so Lisa had even started baking without eggs (one of the biggest hurdles) and Rupert was eating completely plant based at home, finally the classically trained chef was converted and has never looked back.

So the decision to become plant based was, well kind of accidental, however this shift has subsequently been reinforced by the development of our values, significantly enhanced health, and greater awareness of the meat and dairy industries impact on our planet.

Lisa, who can out cook most professional Chefs I know from a flavour perspective, has always wanted to do a professional cookery course, Leiths, Cordon Bleu, or one of the greats, but there was just nothing out there truly tailored to a plant based lifestyle. So we thought we'd create it.  Now with the current changes in the way our world works we have chosen to develop a new way of learning to cook, online, with mentoring and support to give our students the best possible experience. 


With the plant based world exploding and more and more people cooking from home and becoming increasingly health conscious, particularly during this current climate, there is a gap in the market for a professionally produced, easy-to-follow cookery course for all abilities.

Our business exists to share the knowledge of plant based cookery and nutrition in order to broaden the awareness and make this modern style of cookery more accessible to professional chefs, foodies and home cooks. 

We are creating the ultimate plant based cookery online training resource accessible to people of all cooking abilities, whether they wish to dip in for quick recipes for nutritious breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks or wish to follow more structured courses learning traditional cooking techniques with a plant based twist.